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Watch “Aso Rock On Fire As Fighter Jets Set To Attack, Mbaka To Buhari; Gunmen Attàck Police Station Kidnap” on YouTube

The fighter jet which the nigeria n government bought to destroy biafrans will be used to collapse Nigeria says by Rev mbaka ,, buhari should stop buying fighter jet and start building industries.

Watch “Amerìca Says They Won’t Help Bìafra Fŕeedom; Ebubeàgu Set To Clàśh With UGM Over Insècurìty” on YouTube

We are on our own” American says they don’t give damn to black western africa people over the carnage , genocide and massacre over the people of biafrans by the zoo boko haram government of Nigeria ,, American says they are not priority.. So biafrans let’s stand to defend ourselves.

Refer friends to join Pi Network

Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 23 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (24moneyloveall) as your invitation code. Is an interesting site that gives more coin as long as you are mining and inviting you are getting more coin andContinue reading “Refer friends to join Pi Network”

Watch “Nigeria/Buhari Next For Coup As Guinea Army Arrest President Condé” on YouTube

Is the right time for Nigerian youth to know that most of these devilish media shows like (BBnaija) are organised by the evil Nigerian government to distract our youth for knowing that the country is about to be islamize … Biafra must live this failed state called Nigeria . I wish Nigeria will have aContinue reading “Watch “Nigeria/Buhari Next For Coup As Guinea Army Arrest President Condé” on YouTube”