Watch “Money Rituals -You Can’t Believe What Fr Uloma Said” on YouTube

Happy friday to all , wishing you all a pleasant day ,please kindly listen to this doctrine and make straight your ways” brethren we dont need JESUS to make money or things of the world 。your titte and offering cant make you rich

Riches have been before jesus came , barren women have babies through other source of power .

But seek for what no demon or man can give except jesus and the only thing non can give except JESUS is SALVATION……

Cos GOD have blessed them and says multiply ,increase , fill, and conquer the earth and many got rich without believing in GOD

But today you only needs JESUS cos he is the only one who can give salvation ….

Please my brethren dont bring jesus and money together cos non can serve two masters at the same time , cos many make ritual money and bring it to the church acting hypocricy so people wont know their dangerous secret.

You wont belive what this pastor and be motivated…

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